interRAI Request for Information from Users

interRAI is requesting that all organizations with a licence to use our instruments provide us with an update with regard to instrument use, data submission, and vendor information. When you have entered all required information below, click Submit.

Please direct any questions to

Contact Information

Enter the names and contact information of your organization’s primary and secondary (if applicable) contacts for licensing and contracts.

Enter the name and email address for the person(s) responsible for data submission.

Enter the name and email address of the person leading interRAI implementation activities.

Instrument Usage

Identify each interRAI instrument your organization is using, and specify which version and language. Use the "Add Another Instrument" field to add more instruments/rows. If you run out of space (the form allows for 10 rows/instruments), use the text box ("Enter additional instruments...") to type in any additional instruments, including version(s) and language(s).

Please identify the location(s) where your organization is actively using interRAI tools.