Child and Youth

The ChYMH and ChYMH-DD are primarily designed for children up to age 18 years, but can be used up to age 21. Conversely, the interRAI CMH and ID are primarily designed for adults 18 and over. The decision of which instrument to use – children or adult – for those 18 to 21 can based on the services accessed. For example, for a youth accessing services within a high school or when other children assessments have been done prior, the youth assessment systems are recommended. However, if a person aged 18 to 21 is first being assessed and can be expected to continue receiving services in coming years, it would be better to begin with the adult instruments.

interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Instrument and Adolescent Supplement (ChYMH)
interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Instrument for Developmental Disabilities (ChYMH-DD)
interRAI Child and Youth Pediatric Home Care (PEDS-HC)