Resource Allocation

Case-mix systems classify people into groups that are homogeneous in their resource use. They also provide meaningful clinical descriptions of individuals in a group. Case-mix can be applied to reimbursement, for comparing populations within/across programs and settings, and for staffing.

Home Care

  • Resource Utilization Groups-III and Home Care (RUG-III/HC) PDF
  • For adult home care settings

Long-Term Care Facilities

  • Resource Utilization Groups-III (RUG-III)
  • For adult long-term care settings

Mental Health

  • System for Classification of In-Patient Psychiatry (SCIPP) PDF
  • For adult in-patient psychiatric settings, including acute, long stay, forensic, and geriatric psychiatry units

Intellectual Disability

  • Case-Mix Groups for Developmental Disability (CMGDD)
  • For adult home and community-based services settings

Child and Youth Mental Health

  • Resource Intensity for Child and Youth Algorithm (RIChY) and Child and Youth Resource Intensity Algorithm (ChYRI)
  • For settings serving children and youth with mental health or developmental disabilities